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The Betsy-Tacy Community

Betsy-ish Thought for the Day

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The Betsy-Tacy Community
The Betsy-Tacy Society

Betsy-ish Thought for the Day

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I was just looking over Betsy in Spite of Herself.  Although it is hard to choose a favorite, I think this may be one just because I like the message.  Both back in high school and today I find myself wanting to change to be a certain way.  But, in the end, reality prevails and I end up realizing I'm sort of okay the way I am. 

As for "Betsy into Betsye", if you look at artifacts from Maud's high school days, you will see that she also went through a phase where she called herself "Maude" ---  I absolutely love it!

Another off-topic BT thought:  Julia called Betsy Bettina and, thus, Betsy (supposedly) named her daughter Bettina.  Do you think that Kathleen (the real Julia) ever called Maud Merian (the name of Maud's daughter)?  I know Merian was supposedly named after Merian C. Cooper, but I like it better the other way...

Have a great weekend everyone!
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