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May 29th, 2010

(no subject)

The Betsy-Tacy houses are now national literary landmarks!  Granted, they were always important to us, but now it's official!


May 22nd, 2010

Did anyone catch the Betsy-Tacy reference in last week's episode of The Middle?


April 26th, 2010

Hey, I was rereading Heaven to Betsy this weekend and now I am curious - how come Betsy never visited Bonnie when she was in Europe???

April 25th, 2010

Happy Birthday, Maud Hart Lovelace!

April 24th, 2010

For those that haven't heard, there is going to be a  Laura Ingalls Wilder convention in Mankato (yes, that would be Deep Valley) this July.  Two of my favorite childhood things in one place.  Anyone else feel like their head is going to explode?


March 27th, 2010

I was just looking over Betsy in Spite of Herself.  Although it is hard to choose a favorite, I think this may be one just because I like the message.  Both back in high school and today I find myself wanting to change to be a certain way.  But, in the end, reality prevails and I end up realizing I'm sort of okay the way I am. 

As for "Betsy into Betsye", if you look at artifacts from Maud's high school days, you will see that she also went through a phase where she called herself "Maude" ---  I absolutely love it!

Another off-topic BT thought:  Julia called Betsy Bettina and, thus, Betsy (supposedly) named her daughter Bettina.  Do you think that Kathleen (the real Julia) ever called Maud Merian (the name of Maud's daughter)?  I know Merian was supposedly named after Merian C. Cooper, but I like it better the other way...

Have a great weekend everyone!

March 18th, 2010

I don't know how many of you receive updates from the Betsy-Tacy Society, but Tib's house is going to be on the market and the BTS is considering purchasing it.  Here is a letter from Julie Schrader, executive director of the society:

Read more...Collapse )

A more active discussion is going on at the society's Facebook page:  http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=26598&id=1661921722#!/BetsyTacy

What are your opinions?

January 7th, 2010

What is your most Betsy-ish trait?  Right now I would have to say that mine would be procrastination...

January 5th, 2010

This is literally the first time I've signed into Live Journal in I don't know how long.  That's right, it's me.  The creator/abandoner of this wonderful little community.  In fact, it shames me to say that I sort of forgot it even existed.

Anyway, the Facebook groups for Betsy-Tacy are frightfully dull and the Maud listserv is so active I can hardly keep up.  (Seriously, who has the time??!!)  Maybe this community can be a happy medium for us all.

So let me know what is new with you.  Starting last summer I became involved with the Betsy-Tacy Society, making the trek down once a month to help out at the gift shop, occasionally giving a tour - tour being loosely used here.  I usually just take people over to Betsy's house and babble about how cool everything is.  I also seem to have fallen into the position of volunteer coordinator.  So, if any of you live in the area (I personally am in Minneapolis), let me know.  The society is desperately in need of individuals who are as obsessed with the books as I.  Seriously, there are too many lukewarm fans out there!

So long for now.  I'll try my best not to forget about you!

December 6th, 2009

Hello, fellow Betsy-Tacy friends!!

I'm so pleased to have found this community. I've loved the Betsy-Tacy series longer than any other book (yes, Harry Potter included). Betsy spoke to me, and I found a very good friend in her. I live in Minnesota, (and have lived here all my life), I fully expected high school to be like Deep Valley High, and I took Betsy and the Great World with me on my own study abroad experience in London.

I'm also posting to note the new publishing of the last six books (the high school years, "Great World" and "Betsy's Wedding"). They are beautiful editions that make my original copies look a little worse for wear. Well, to be fair, I guess they are.

This community doesn't seem very active, which is a shame.

So question for you: when/how did you get into the series?

My maternal grandmother gave me "Downtown" when I was about 9, and I recieved them at various birthdays and Christmases thereafter, until I had them all. (Except for Carney's House Party, which I cannot find (cheaply) anywhere!).
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